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Biografie, filme porno si poze porno cu americanca Wifey aka Sandra Otterson

Biografie Wifey
Wifey s-a nascut pe pe 15 mai 1965 in Oregon City, Oregon, America si este actrita de filme porno din anul 1998. Este nascuta in zodia Taur si nu are implanturi cu silicon in țâțe. Numele real al vedetei porno americance Wifey este Sandra Otterson.

Alte nume de scena folosite de vedeta XXX Wifey in filmele porno: Wifeys World

Biografia vedetei porno americanca, Wifey (Wifeys World). Link-uri catre galerii cu poze porno ale actritei XXX Wifey. Galerii cu filme porno ale starului Wifey .

Alte nume de scena: Wifeys World, Sandra Otterson
Tara de origine: America
Data nasterii: 15 mai 1965
Profesie: Actrita filme porno, Star porno, Vedeta XXX
Inaltime: 165 cm
Greutate: 57 kg
In industria porno din: 1998 pana in prezent
Extra: Nu are implanturi de silicon in tate.

Wifey (born May 15, 1965) is an American adult model who appears on her own Wifey's World website, founded in 1998 and maintained by her and her husband.

Wifey is an Oregon native in her late forties with 36DD breasts (promoted as natural but there are rumours of her being enhanced) who, by her own admission, is an exhibitionist. She and her husband (known as "Hubby" on the site) started the site after overwhelming response to a nude Polaroid of Wifey posted on Usenet by Hubby. The couple soon after started selling home videos of their sexual escapades, and then launched a website. Although Wifey's World was not the first amateur porn website, it was one of the first to achieve a high level of popularity.

The material follows the basic guidelines of so-called "amateur pornography," featuring videos and pictures of the couple engaged in various forms of sex. The site's primary showcase is oral sex with Wifey fellating her husband and receiving his semen orally or facially; vaginal intercourse is also featured. To maintain privacy, the couple's names are never used; they only use their character names, Wifey and Hubby. Hubby's face was usually obscured until a couple of years ago but in the most recent pictures published on Wifey website it is most often shown.

The website itself is extremely popular; there is some conjecture the site earns the couple nearly six figures a month (Hubby stated in an interview with Monk magazine that he wishes not to disclose any specific amount). In recent years, the website has incorporated material from other amateur pornographers wishing to be featured on the Internet, known as the "Friend's Spotlight."

Twitter: twitter.com/wifeysworld
Instagram: www.instagram.com/realwifeysworld
Blog: wifeytalk.com
Site: wifeysworld.com
IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm4791928

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